This Kingdom

Verse 1:

D     A/C#                      Bm

Jesus,    God’s righteousness revealed

     A      G              D/F#

The Son of Man, the Son of God

            E7     A

His Kingdom comes

Bm7   A                   G   Gm 

Jesus, redemption’s sacrifice

          D/F#            G

Once crucified, now glorified


His Kingdom comes


          D                   A/C#

And this Kingdom will know no end

         Bm                  F#m/A

And its glory shall know no bounds

         G          D/F#

For the majesty and power

         E7/G#              A

Of this Kingdom’s King has come


And this Kingdom’s reign


And this Kingdom’s rule

          Bm                    A      G

And this Kingdom’s power and authority

  D/F# Bm       Em7     Asus4   D

Jesus,   God’s righteousness revealed

Verse 2:

Jesus, the expression of God’s love

The grace of God, the Word of God

Revealed to us

Jesus, God’s Holiness displayed

Once crucified, now glorified

His Kingdom comes