At the Foot of the Cross

Verse 1: 

E B                     C#m                     

    At the foot of the cross  

        A                   E 

Where grace and suffering meet 

B                           C#m 

    You have shown me Your love  

              A             B 

Through the judgement You received 

           F#m     E/G#  A  B 

And You’ve won my heart 

            F#m    E/G#  A A2/B 

Yes, You’ve won my heart,       now I can 


E               B             F#m            

    Trade these ashes in for beauty  

E                 B             F#m 

    and wear forgiveness like a crown 

E               B               F#m           

    Coming to kiss the feet of mercy  

       C#m    B     F#m 

I lay every burden down 

        B            E 

At the foot of the cross 

Verse 2: 

At the foot of the cross where I am made complete 

You have given me life  

Through the death You bore for me 

And You’ve won my heart 

Yes, You’ve won my heart, now I can