Bind Us Together, Lord



Bind us together, Lord, bind us together 

      G                    C Csus4 C 

With cords that cannot be broken 

C                                 G 

Bind us together, Lord, bind us together 

                       C  Csus4  C 

Bind us together with love 

Verse 1: 

C        F         C   

There is only one God  

C        G         C   

There is only one King 

C        G         C     

There is only one body 

C        G      C  Csus4  C 

That is why we sing 

Verse 2: 

Made for the glory of God 

Purchased by His precious Son 

Born with the right to be clean 

For Jesus, the victory has won  

Verse 3: 

You are the family of God 

You are the promise divine 

You are God’s chosen desire 

You are the glorious new wine