Our Heart


      A         F#m7

Our heart, our desire

      D                E

Is to see the nations worship

     A       F#m7

Our cry, our prayer


Is to sing Your praise


to the ends of the earth

          F#m        C#/F

That with one mighty voice

       A/E                 B

Every tribe and tongue rejoices

     A           F#m

Our heart, our desire

      Bm7             D  E    A

is to see the nations worship You

Verse 1:


Heavenly Father, Your mercy showers


Down upon all people


Every race upon this earth

          A                    E/G#

May Your Spirit pierce the darkness

          F#m7                 A/E

Break the chains of death upon us


Let us rise in honest worship

     Bm7                   E

To declare Your matchless worth

Verse 2:

There is no power that for one hour

Can withstand the greatness

Of Your Word on tongues of faith

So we’re bold in intercession

Praying now that every heart will bow

Before You, Lord, in praise