Highest Place


        G                     C 

Jesus Christ, in very nature God 

              Bm7                      Dsus4 

Did not grasp hold of His place on the throne 

          G                  C2 

But took on the nature of a servant 

             Bm7                Dsus4 

Made Himself nothing, born as a man 

       G                       C 

Being found in appearance as a man 

        Bm7                   Dsus4 

He was obedient to death on a cross 

           G                     C2 

There He died, God the Son, the Maker 

         Bm7                  Dsus4 

A humble servant, showing the way 


           G                     C/G       G   D/F# 

Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place 

    Em7          G/D             C 

And gave Him the Name above all names 


So that at the name of Jesus 

      C/G         G  D/F# 

Every knee shall bow 

   Em7                               Dsus4  D 

In heaven and on earth and under the earth 

           C            G/B     Am7      G/B 

And every tongue confess   that Jesus is Lord 

        C       Dsus4  D   G 

To the glory of God   the Father