My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness

Intro: Am – – – D – – – F – G – C – – – (x 2)

Verse 1:

    C              G/B   Am      F

My heart is filled with thankfulness

   C/E     Am7      F

To Him who bore my pain

     C                G/B Am     F

Who plumbed the depths of my disgrace

    C/E      G     C

And gave me life again

      Am        C/G     F  G  Am

Who crushed my curse of sinfulness

       F      C/E     Gsus4  G

And clothed me in His light

      C          G/B Am       F

And wrote His law of righteousness

     C/E     G       C

With pow’r upon my heart

Verse 2:

My heart is filled with thankfulness

To Him who walks beside

Who floods my weaknesses with strength

And causes fears to fly

Whose ev’ry promise is enough

For ev’ry step I take

Sustaining me with arms of love

And crowning me with grace

Verse 3:

My heart is filled with thankfulness

To Him who reigns above

Whose wisdom is my perfect peace

Whose ev’ry thought is love

For ev’ry day I have on earth

Is given by the King

So I will give my life, my all

To love and follow Him