For You are Glorious


       A2   A 

We see Je – sus 

        G                                     D/F#   D 

For His suffering crowned with glory and with praise 

Dm9                                A/E 

Tasting death for all men by God’s Grace 

B/D#                              Bm7  C#m7 D E 

Given power to put all things in place 

           A2   A 

And we see Je – sus 

G                               D/F#    D 

Seated at the right hand of the throne 

Dm9                         A/E 

Making intercession for His own 

  B/D#                            Bm7  C#m7 D E 

Upholding all things by His word alone 



For You are glorious 

F#m7                    D          Bm         E 

Shining victorious over powers and principalities 


For You are glorious 

F#m7                    D     Bm           E   C#/F 

Shining victorious, disarming all Your enemies 

    F#m7                    C#m7 

The rulers of this world beneath Your feet are hurled 

       Bm7        E           A 

As You reign, our conquering King