Come and See

Verse 1: 

         C             G/B 

Come and see, come and see 

         Bb               A 

Come and see the King of Love 

         Dm    C/E       F    G   Am       Bb    G 

See the purple robe and crown of thorns He wears 

         C            G/B 

Soldiers mock, rulers sneer 

      Bb              A 

As He lifts the cruel cross 

         Dm         C/E    F      G  Am       Bb  G 

Lone and friendless now He climbs towards the hill 


   Am              Em/G 

We worship at Your feet 

      F               C/E 

Where wrath and mercy meet 

      Dm               Am                    G 

And a guilty world is washed by Love’s pure stream 

    Am              Em/G 

For all He was made sin 

   F               C/E 

Oh help me take it in 

     Dm                 Am             Gsus4  G 

Deep wounds of love cry out ‘Father forgive’ 

  Fdim Am   Em/G A/E 

I worship I   worship 

    Dm   Fm  G     C 

The Lamb who was slain 

Verse 2: 

Come and weep, come and mourn 

For your sin that pierced Him there 

So much deeper than the wounds of thorn and nail 

All our pride, all our greed 

All our fallenness and shame 

And the Lord has laid the punishment on Him 

Verse 3: 

Man of heaven born to earth 

To restore us to Your heaven 

Here we bow in awe beneath Your searching eyes 

From Your tears comes our joy 

From Your death our life shall spring 

By Your resurrection pow’r we shall rise