Immanuel, O Immanuel

Verse 1:

A     D      Asus4     D  

  Im-man-u-el, O   Im-man-u-el

        A/C# Bm    E9              Em7

  Bowed  in  awe I worship at Your feet

A              D       Asus4   Dsus2     Bsus4

  And sing Im-man-u-el, God  is with  us

              Gmaj7         A/G

  Sharing my humanness, my shame

             F#m7           Bm7

  Feeling my weaknesses, my pain

             Csus2            A

  Taking the punishment, the blame

     A/D      D7      



                Gmaj7          A/G

     And now my words cannot explain

              F#m7            Bm7

  All that my heart cannot contain

                    Csus2           Asus4   A    

  How great are the glories of Your Name……

     G6 A9   D      

  Im-man – u-el