The Time Has Come

Verse 1:


Found love beyond all reason G                                Em

You gave Your life Your all for me       C                G

And called me Yours forever,


Caught in the mercy fallout                                    Em

Found hope found life found all I need, C              G

You’re all I need


  D                 Em                C

The time has come, to stand for all we believe in    

D                    Em                C

So I’m for one am gonna give my praise to You


G                             Em

Today today it’s all or nothing all the way                       


The praise goes out to You,                                 


Yeah all the praise goes out to You   


Today today I live for one thing,      Em                              C

To give you praise, In everything I do,                               G

Yeah all the praise goes out to You 


 Em                   Am

All we are is Yours, all we’re living for    C                 G             D

Is all You are, it’s all that You are, Lord