Our God Reigns

Verse 1:

C            F      G

  How lovely on the mountains

         C         Am7

Are the feet of Him

                Dm7  G       C   C7

Who brings good news,  good news


Announcing peace

   G                C        Am7

Proclaiming news of happiness

        Dm7    G        C     C7

Our God reigns, our God reigns


        F               C       Am7

Our God reigns, our God reigns

        Dm7   G            C

Our God rei – gns, our God reigns

Verse 2:

He had no stately form, He had no majesty

That we should be drawn to Him

He was despised and we took no account of Him

Yet now He reigns, with the Most High

Verse 3:

It was our sin and guilt that bruised and wounded Him

Our sin that brought Him down

When we like sheep had gone astray our Shepherd came

And on His shoulders He bore our shame