I See Grace

Intro: A — | E — | Bm — | D — | A

Verse 1:

          E                    Bm7

Jesus my help, I call on Your Name

   D                    A

I cast my cares on You

          E                 Bm7

Jesus my hope, my tower of strength

    D                   F#m7

My faith is found in You


           E/G#                F#m7

I see You pierced, wounded for me

        D                   E

When I look to the cross I see


       A                     E

I see grace, sealed by Your sacrifice

       F#m7               D

I see love, reaching for me

          A                 E

Precious blood, washes and sanctifies

         F#m7              D

Healing flows, setting me free

       A — | E — | Bm — | D — | A

I see grace

Verse 2:

           E                  Bm7

Bearer of sin, afflicted and tried

     D                         A

You paid redemption’s price

            E                       Bm7

Bearing my curse, You’ve set me on high

      D                        F#m7

Your death has brought me life