King of Kings, Majesty

Verse 1:

E       A       E   A

King of Kings, Majesty

A/C#    D       E        A

God of Heaven, living in me

E       A       E        A

Gentle Saviour, closest friend

A/C#      D         E           F#m

Strong Deliverer, beginning and end

       D       E             F#m  E/G#

All within me falls at Your throne


          A     E/G#    F#m  A/E

Your majesty, I can but bow

          D  A/C#          Bm7  E

I lay my all,  before You now

          A       E/G#    F#m  A/E

In royal robes, I don’t deserve

           D         E    A

I live to serve Your majesty

Verse 2:

Earth and heaven, worship You

Love eternal, faithful and true

Who bought the nations, ransomed souls

Brought this sinner near to Your throne

All within me cries out in praise