There is a Higher Throne

Verse 1:

E            A2

  There is a higher throne

B              E

  That all the world has known

        C#m                A

  Where faithful ones from every tongue

F#m            B

  Will one day come

E            A2

  Before the Son we’ll stand

B                E

  Made faultless through the Lamb

    C#m                  A

  Believing hearts find promised grace

F#m         B    

  Salvation comes


E/G#              A

  Hear heaven’s voices sing

B                  E           E/D#

  Their thunderous anthem rings

          C#m                 A

  Through emerald courts and sapphire skies

F#m              B

  Their praises rise

E/G#         A

  All glory wisdom power

B                       E       E/D#

  Strength, thanks and honour are

     C#m                A

  To God our King who reigns on high

F#m  B     E

  Forever more

Verse 2:

And there we’ll find our home

Our life before the throne

We’ll honour Him in perfect song

Where we belong

He’ll wipe each tearstained eye

As thirst and hunger die

The Lamb becomes our Shepherd King

We’ll reign with Him