Revive us O Lord

Verse 1: 

D                     Dmaj7

Father we come to You now,

D6                      G

Trusting again in Your power

Em                       C  

Humble and heal us this hour

G/B       A

In Jesus’ name

D                     Dmaj7

Help us repent of our ways

D6                            G

Our failures in seeking Your face

Em                       C

Open our hearts to Your grace

G/B          A

This is our prayer


   G   A      D

Revive us, O Lord

G                A       D              A

Send forth Your spirit, unsheathe Your sword

     G                  A                      

And break through our chains

       Bm            D/F#

By the Power of Your word

G      A     Bm  A/C#    G/D  A/E    D

Revive us, revive us, revive  us Oh Lord

Verse 2: 

Idols have captured our land

We worship the works of Your hands

Lord for too long we have built

Houses on stand

Teach us to number of our days

Cause us to walk in Your ways

Boldly proclaiming your praise

Until You come