Prepared a Place for Me

Verse 1:

D                          G                 D

Mystery of mysteries that God would make for me

   Bm                              A

A place within His family, though once His enemy

      D                          G             D

The Judge of every sinner sent Christ to Calvary

      Bm       A       D

To prepare a place for me

D                                   G            D

Judgment should be given for this guilt upon my head

        Bm                   A

But the Father of all glory crushed His Son instead

D                           G               D

Now I’ve been adopted, for God made this to be

       Bm       A        D

You prepared a place for me


G    D  A D G    D  A D

Blessed be, blessed be

   Em   D     A/C#           D   A     G

My God and Saviour, You’ve shown me favour

       Em        A      D (intro riff)

You prepared a place for me

Verse 2:


Father, in the moment

           G                    D

When Your Son shall split the skies

    Bm                   A

And myriads of angels acclaim Him with their cries

    D                       G            D

By grace I will be able to join the jubilee

       Bm        A       D

You prepared a place for me