The Servant King

Verse 1:

Am                E/G#           Fmaj7

  From heaven You came, helpless babe

G              C/E         F     G

  Entered our world, Your glory veiled

Am           E/G#         Fmaj7

  Not to be served but to serve

G               C/E       F         G

  And give Your life that we might live


               C  G/B            Am

  This is our God,  the Servant King

G              F      G      C   G

  He calls us now to follow Him

                C         C7         F

  To bring our lives as a daily offering

B7           C  G              C

  Of worship to   the Servant King

Verse 2:

There in the garden of tears

My heavy load He chose to bear

His heart with sorrow was torn

“Yet not My will, but Yours,” He said

Verse 3:

Come see His hands and His feet

The scars that speak of sacrifice

Hands that flung stars into space

To cruel nails surrendered

Verse 4:

So let us learn now to serve

And in our lives enthrone Him

Each other’s needs to prefer

For it is Christ we’re serving