Behold the Lamb

Verse 1: 

Am            G/B       C        Dm    G 

  Behold the Lamb who bears our sins away 

  C/E        F G 

  Slain for us: and we remember 

Am             G/B       C       Dm       G 

  The promise made that all who come in faith 

  C/E      F       G       C 

  Find forgiveness at the cross 


      F             C/E   F   G 

So we share in this Bread of life 

       F            C/E F  G 

And we drink of His sacrifice 

     F           C/E   F   G    Am 

As a sign of our bonds of peace 

            F     G      C 

Around the table of the King 

Verse 2: 

The body of our Saviour, Jesus Christ 

Torn for you: eat and remember 

The wounds that heal, the death that brings us life 

Paid the price to make us one 

Verse 3: 

The blood that cleanses every stain of sin 

Shed for you: drink and remember 

He drained Death’s cup that all may enter in 

To receive the life of God 

Verse 4: 

And so with thankfulness and faith 

We rise to respond: and to remember 

Our call to follow in the steps of Christ 

As His body here on Earth 

Last Chorus: 

As we share in His suffering 

We proclaim: Christ will come again 

And we’ll join in the feast of heaven 

Around the table of the King