Intro:(x4): C/E | F2 | G2 

Verse 1: 

C/E         F         Gsus4   

You stepped down from heaven 

Am          F2 

Humbly You came 

F       G     Am     F         Gsus4 

God of all creation, here with us 

C/E    F     Gsus4           

In a starlit manger 

Am    F2 


F     G       Am     F      Gsus4   G 

Light of the world, here to save 


  C     F            C 

Adorecome let us adore 

  F             C/G  G         

O come let us adore Him  

     C     F                  C 

The Lord, worship Christ the Lord 

    F              Am  G    C   F2  C  F2 

Let all that is within us adore 

Verse 2: 

Wise men bring their treasures 

Shepherds bow low 

Angel voices sing of peace on earth 

What have I to offer 

To heaven’s King 

I will bring my life, my love, my all 


C                     F2  

 Angels sing, praises ring to the newborn King 

C                          F2 

 Peace on earth, here with us, joy awakening 

Am                  G/B 

  At Your feet, we fall