Lord, Reign in Me

Verse 1:

C     G        F          G       C

Over all the earth, You reign on high

        G        F            G     Am7

Every mountain stream, every sunset sky

        G      F             G    Dm7

But my one request, Lord, my only aim

               F       G    C

Is that You’d reign in me again


        G       F        G       C

Lord, reign in me, reign in Your power

      G        F           G       Am

Over all my dreams, in my darkest hour

     G       F      G     Dm7

You are the Lord of all I am

              F       G    C

So won’t You reign in me again

Verse 2:

Over every thought, over every word

May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord

‘Cause You mean more to me than any earthly thing

So won’t You reign in me again