Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory


G  D  Em D    G    D         C     D

Jesus,     we celebrate Your victory

G  D  Em D    C              D

Jesus,     we revel in Your love

G  D  Em D  G     D            C      D

Jesus,      we rejoice You’ve set us free

G  D        C           D         G

Jesus, Your death has brought us life

Verse 1:

C            D            G          D/F#   Em 

  It was for freedom that Christ has set us free

   C            D            C            D

No longer to be subject to a yoke of slavery

C            D       G        D/F# Em  

  So we’re rejoicing in God’s victory

    C          A7             D

Our hearts responding to His love

Verse 2:

His Spirit in us releases us from fear

And the way to Him is open

With boldness we draw near

And in His presence our problems disappear

Our hearts responding to His love