I Will Rise

Verse 1:

           Em                    C

There’s a peace I’ve come to know

           G                      D

Though my heart and flesh may fail

           Em                C

There’s an anchor for my soul

         G            D

I can say “It is well”


  G                D

Je-sus has overcome

             Em              C

And the grave  is overwhelmed

    G/B           D/F#

The victory is won

       Em                 C

He is ri-sen from the dead


               G             D

And I will rise when He calls my name

  Em               C

No  more sorrow, no more pain

           G     D

I will rise on ea-gles’ wings

      Em              C

Before  my God fall on my knees 

   G/B      Csus2

And   rise

           G         D

I will rise

Verse 2:

There’s a day that’s drawing near

When this darkness breaks to light

And the shadows disappear

And my faith shall be my eyes


                    C     G     D      

And I hear the voice of ma-ny an-gels sing

    C      G        D

“Wor-thy is the Lamb”

                  C      G       D

And I hear the cry of eve-ry long-ing heart

    C      G        D

“Wor-thy is the Lamb”