King of Heaven


G  A  Bm x2

Verse 1:

G                  A  Bm

  Night is getting longer

G                    A        Bm       

  We were told that You were coming soon

G                A   Bm       C     Bm

  Crying out in desperation without You

G                        A  Bm

  You could have come in power

G                      A        Bm       

  With hosts of angels at Your side

G                        A     Bm      

  Instead You laid your glory down

     C      Bm       C      A

Our humble King, to You we sing


D/F#                   G

  The King of Heaven come to earth

D/F#              G

  Salvation in a child’s birth

Bm                     G    

  Behold the one who takes away our sin

Em                 A          (intro riff)

  We will bow and worship Him

Verse 2:

The wonder of our Saviour

Knowing He would give His life away

Came into a dark world

The Chosen One

Love has come

Chorus 2:

Listen as the angels sing

Glory to the newborn King

Praise the One who takes away our sin

We will bow and worship Him