O the Mercy of God

Verse 1:

      D        G         A        D

O the mercy of God, the glory of grace

         Bm          G             D/F#         A

That You chose to redeem us, to forgive and restore

        D             Bm       D/F#       G

And You call us Your children, chosen in Him

      D/F#       G                A       D

To be holy and blameless, to the glory of God


        D             A/C#     Bm   A

To the praise of His glorious grace

        G             D/F#       E7 A

To the praise of His glory and power

   D/F#        G     Bm           C

To Him be all glory, honour and praise

   D/F#     G        A       D

Forever and ever and ever, Amen

Verse 2:

O the riches of grace, the depths of His love

In Him is redemption, the forgiveness of sin

And You called us as righteous, predestined in Him

For the praise of His glory, included in Christ

Verse 3:

O the glory of God, expressed in His Son

His image and likeness, revealed to us all

The plan of the ages, completed in Christ

That we be presented, perfected in Him