Power of Your Love

Verse 1:

G        D/F#    Em                    

 Lord, I come to You

                  Bm        Em

 Let my heart be changed, renewed

          D        C           

 Flowing from the grace

         D       Em  D

 That I found in You

G                D/F#    Em                     

 Lord, I’ve come to know

                  Bm     Em

 The weaknesses I see in me

           D        C  D                           

 Will be stripped away

                      Gsus4  G

 By the power of Your love


C    Em   D                         

Hold me close

                 Gsus4 G

Let Your love surround me

C     Em  D                         

Bring me near

                 G   G7

Draw me to Your side

    C  Em D                            

And as I wait

                      Gsus4 G

I’ll rise up like the eagle   

           D/F#      Em                          

And I will soar with You

             D       C

Your Spirit leads me on

        D            Gsus4  G

In the power of Your love

Verse 2:

Lord unveil my eyes, let me see You face-to-face

The knowledge of Your love, as You live in me

Lord renew my mind, as Your will unfolds in my life

In living every day, in the power of Your love