Firm Foundation


                Bb      Csus 

Jesus, You’re my firm foundation  

F               Bb      C 

  I know I can stand secure 

Dm7               Bb      Asus    A 

Jesus, You’re my firm foundation  

Bb                      C     Dm7 

  I put my hope in Your holy Word 

Bb                      C     F  

  I put my hope in Your holy Word 

Verse 1: 

F        C/F     F             

I have a living hope  

F         C/F     F 

(I have a living hope) 

Bb        F      

have a future  

Bb        C  F 

(I have a future) 


God has a plan for me  


(God has a plan for me) 

    Bb      F/A       Gm7      C 

Of this I’m sure, of this I’m sure 

Verse 2: 

Your Word is faithful (Your Word is faithful) 

Mighty in power (Mighty in power) 

God will deliver me (God will deliver me) 

Of this I’m sure, of this I’m sure