Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Verse 1: 

      D                 Em D/F# G  

Be – neath the cross of Je  – sus 

   D/A    Bm        E    A 

I find a place to stand 

     D             Em D/F# G    

And wonder at such mer  –  cy 

      D/A          D 

That calls me as am 

D/F G                   F#     Bm 

For  hands that should discard me 

      Em            E       A 

Hold wounds which tell me come 

    D                Em D/F# G   

Beneath the cross of Je  –  sus 

     D/A             D    

My unworthy soul is won 

Verse 2: 

Beneath the cross of Jesus 

His family is my own 

Once strangers chasing selfish dreams 

Now one through grace alone 

How could I now dishonour 

The ones that You have loved 

Beneath the cross of Jesus 

See the children called by God 

Verse 3: 

Beneath the cross of Jesus 

The path before the crown 

We follow in His footsteps 

Where promised hope is found 

How great the joy before us 

To be His perfect bride 

Beneath the cross of Jesus 

We will gladly live our lives