F2 – – – Am2 – – – C/G – – – G – – –

Verse 1:

C    G/B Am

Hide me now

  F   D/F#  Gsus  G

Under Your wings

C/E    F

Cover me

  Dm7               G

Within Your mighty hand


C/E              F

When the oceans rise

     G         Csus C

And thunders roar

       C/E        F

I will soar with You

  G        Am

Above the storm

        C/E      F

Father, You are King

 G          Csus C

Over the flood

G/B        F/A

I will be still

          G/B    (First time – F, subsequently C)

And know You are God

Verse 2:

Find rest my soul

In Christ alone

Know His power

In quietness and trust