All That I Am

Verse 1: 

Em7                 C     G 

Everything’s on the altar now 

Em7                 C       G 

No holding back, no holding out 

   Em7                    C     Em7 

In view of Your matchless sacrifice 

C          G/B       D         G 

Take every treasure, take this life 


C           G/B                D    G  D/F# 

All that I am for all that You are, my Lord 

C           G/B                  D  

All that I have for all that You are 

            C           G      D            Em7 

You’re the pearl beyond price, greater than life 

C          D                   G 

All that I am for all that You are 

Verse 2: 

Selfish ambition and my pride 

I’m giving up, I’m letting die 

In these empty hands I have it all, have it all 

The pure joy of knowing You, my Lord