Our Father


C#m – B/D# – | A – – –

Verse 1:


The words of Christ

        B/D#             E

Passed down through generations

           C#m B/D#            A

The Son of God teaching us to pray


Echoed words

B/D#              E          A     F#m

Father have Your will, Your way in me

   Bsus    B


Verse 2:

We wholly trust

You’re faithful in provision

Amazing grace, mercy for our sins

May we forgive

The way that You’ve forgiven us, oh Lord

So we can sing



Our Father

E               B

Hallowed be Your Name

   A         E       B

Forever our God be exalted

      A       E          B

Your kingdom come and in us

          C#m  B  A

Let Your will be done

     B     Esus E

Our Father

Verse 3:

Lead us from the valley of temptation

Deliver us from the evil one

Lord, You reign and here we stand

Victorious in Your Name

Together we pray


C#m           B

Yours is the kingdom

     A          E  

And power and glory

C#m       B

God of authority

A           E

Ancient of Days

A            E/G#

Yours is the wisdom

     B       C#m       A

And honour forever and always

   Bsus                                   Bsus  B

And always (2nd time substitute with: “We pray”)