My Song is Love Unknown

Verse 1:

D           A7      Bm

My song is love unknown

A   D                G

My Saviour’s love to me

     Em     F#m         Bm

Love to the loveless shown

                Esus4  E7 A

That they might love – ly be

D C     Em        G      Bm

O who am I, that for my sake

A  D                        A7        D

My Lord should take frail flesh, and die

Verse 2:

He came from His blest throne

Salvation to bestow

But men made strange, and none

The longed-for Christ would know

But oh, my Friend, my Friend indeed

Who, at my need His life did spend

Verse 3:

In life, no house, no home

My Lord on earth might have

In death, no friendly tomb

But what a stranger gave

What may I say? Heav’n was His home

But mine the tomb wherein He lay

Verse 4:

Here might I stay and sing

No story so divine

Never was love, dear King

Never was grief like Thine

This is my Friend, in whose sweet praise

I all my days could gladly spend