O Lord, the Clouds are Gathering

Verse 1:

  C   G/B               Am

O Lord,  the clouds are gathering

    Em/G               Fmaj7

The fire of judgement burns

            C/G  G

How we have fall-en

  C   G/B            Am

O Lord,  you stand appalled to see

     Em/G              Fmaj7  Dm

Your laws of love so scorned

             C/G  G

And lives so brok-en


     Am                      C/G

Have mercy, Lord (men), have mercy, Lord (women)

    F                       C/E

Forgive us, Lord (men), forgive us, Lord (women)

  F#dim             B/D#              Esus4  E

Restore us, Lord, revive your church again (all)

    Am                      C/G

Let justice flow (men), let justice flow (women)

     F                  C/E

Like rivers (men), like rivers (women)

    D7sus4               D7            Gsus4    G

And righteousness like a never-failing stream (all)

Verse 2:

O Lord, dark powers are poised to flood

Our streets with hate and fear

We must awaken

O Lord, let love reclaim the lives

That sin would sweep away

And let Your Kingdom come

Verse 3:

Yet, O Lord, your glorious cross shall tower

Triumphant in this land

Evil confounding

Through the fire Your suffering church display

The glories of her Christ

Praises resounding