This is the Christ

Intro: Am F C G x2

Verse 1:

Am                        Bb      C

Good news from heaven the angels bring

C            Am      Bb         C

Glad tidings to the earth they sing

Am     F       C          G

To us this day a child is given

Am       F        C          G

To crown us with the joy of heaven


F            Am         C2      F

This is the Christ, our God and Lord

F           Am         C     F

Who in all need shall aid afford

F           Am      C2      F

He will Himself our Saviour be

F             Am        G      F

And from our sins will set us free

Verse 2:

Am             Dm-Am  Bb         C

All hail, thou noble guest this morn

Am             Dm-Am   Bb      C

Whose love did not the sinner scorn

Am     F        C              G

In my distress Thou come’st to me

Am           F       C          G

What thanks shall I return to Thee

Musical interlude: F Am C F x4

Verse 3:

(a cappella) Were earth a thousand times as fair

(a cappella) Beset with gold and jewels rare

Am       F        C          G

She yet were far too poor to be

Am       F        C          G

A narrow cradle, Lord, for thee

Am          F       G

Praise God upon His heavenly throne

Am       F/A        G

Who gave to us His only Son

F/A                    C      G

For this His hosts on joyful wing

Am         F           C     G

A blessed New Year of mercy sing (silence for 5 beats)