G    C/G G           C      G/B Am7

Majesty, worship His majesty

D    G              Em    A7          D7

Unto Jesus, be all glory, honour and praise

G    C/G G          C     G/B Am7

Majesty, Kingdom authority

               G     Em        A

Flow from His throne unto His own

D           C/G   G

His anthem raise

    Am                D7

So exalt, lift up on high

             G    C/G  G

The Name of Jesus

    Am              D7

Magnify, come glorify

                   B7  Em D7

Christ Jesus, the King

G    C/G G            C     G/B Am7

Majesty, worship His majesty

            D             D7

Jesus who died, now glorified

             C/G   G

King of all kings