For the Beauty of the Earth

Verse 1: 

G              C      G 

For the beauty of the earth 

C             D       G 

For the glory of the skies 

G                   C        G 

For the love which from our birth 

C          D        G 

Over and around us lies 


 G                  D       G 

Christ our God, to Thee we raise 

C         G       D        G 

This our hymn of grateful praise 

Verse 2: 

For the joy of human love 

Brother, sister, parent, child 

Friends on earth and friends above 

For all gentle thoughts and mild 

Verse 3: 

For Thy church that evermore 

Lifteth holy hands above 

Off’ring up on ev’ry shore 

Her pure sacrifice of love 

Verse 4: 

For Thyself, best Gift Divine 

To our race so freely giv’n 

For that great, great love of Thine 

Peace on earth and joy in heaven