COVID Neighbourhood Aid
Contact Person: Lai Na

“Collaborate with to bring supplies to families in need of food.”

PBC has congregation that is vastly scattered around the Klang Valley. We want to encourage our congregation to be Jesus-lights and good Samaritans to people who are in need of basic necessities during this challenging time.

Here is one effective way you can help people in your immediate neighbourhood,

(i) Utilise the Kita Jaga Malaysia web app. (View the video below to see how you can use this app to help.)

(ii) Log in to to
     a. Click on one / more RED DOTS near your location. Zoom in till a name, whatsapp number and items needed appears.
     b. Call the person/s you wish to help directly (to ascertain if their needs have been met? / to inform when your aid will arrive etc.)
     c. SAFELY purchase the items, pack and make arrangements to send their requested items (self-deliver or engage a delivery service to drop off.)

(iii) You may also choose to use the blue button to register yourself as an aid-giver. This enables those in need to contact you.(Your details will remain on the app for 3 days.)

You may take photos of your efforts (for use in PBC Social Media Channels). Here are some suggestions/ considerations when taking photos for submission:
      a. masked persons / hands packing items
      b. bagged / boxed items to be sent
      c. items left at recipient’s house (best not to take any photos of yourself and your recipient.)

Your Report & Reimbursements

We appreciate a brief report of your efforts. This helps us to inspire others in our congregation to reach out in a similar manner. Filling up the form below will enable us to collate PBC’s efforts, as well as to reimburse you from our Covid Relief Donations. (if you so wish.)

Report Form:

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 2,114.27 (25 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Remarks: USJ1, PJS 6, PJS 8, Shah Alam, Kg Pantai Dalam, Kg Kerinchi
Balance: Recipients are mainly unemployed office cleaners.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM0 (0 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Cumulative Packs: 405 (RM31200.08)
Balance: RM 3799.92 (positive balance cos received the additional RM5K on Oct 9)
I just filled in the report form.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM2,695.08 (29 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: USJ 1, PJS 6, Cheras, Kg Lindungan, Sunway, Shah Alam
Remarks: Basic food packs, including milk powder and diapers given to foreign workers who are still unemployed or recently employed but yet to receive their salaries.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM RM1392.85 (19 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: USJ1, USJ14, Shah Alam, Kayu Ara, Pantai Dalam
Remarks: Still getting about 20 requests per week, will continue with this initiative as we still have available funds.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 757.65 (13 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: PJS 2, 6, 10, Brickfields, Kayu Ara
Remarks: Only 2 persons distributed grocery packs this past week.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 1,525.89 (28 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: PJS6, 8, 11, Kg Sg Ara, Pantai Dalam, SS15, Kajang, Ampang
Remarks: Additional advance of RM5K to continue this initiative, balance available RM 3646.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 2,423.45 (31 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: OUG, Desa Mentari, Bangsar, USJ 1, 14, Bdr Utama, Desa Mentari, SS19, Pantai Dalam, Lembah Subang
Remarks: Cumulative packs given out: 316, Cumulative amount disbursed: 24828.61

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 2,569.44 (43 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: Lembah Subang, Tmn Putra Damai, Tmn Kajang Utama, Prima Cempaka, Bdr Teknologi Kajang, Desa Mentari, Tmn Cahaya, Pantai Dalam, Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Remarks: We are very close to finishing our allocation of funds for this initiative. Appreciate all the caring efforts of participants of this initiative. May God be glorified through the seeds of kindness that we have sown.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 2,253.60 (33 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: Bdr Sunway, Pantai Dalam, USJ, Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Remarks: New and repeat cases serviced by existing participants using Kitajaga app.(19 – 25 Aug)

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 5838.72 (57 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: USJ1, USJ14, PJS6, PJS8, Kg Sg Kayu Ara, Shah Alam, Sec 14, Bdr Kinrara
Remarks: About 8% of reimbursements were for delivery charges. Average cost per pack (excluding delivery charges) is about RM94.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 5,573 (61 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: Ampang, Cheras, Pandamaran, Nilai, Puchong, Saujana Putri, Pandan Jaya
Remarks: Average cost per pack about RM91 (infant milk powder, disposable diapers and transport costs)

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 3,570 (51 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: OUG, Balakong, SS7, SS19, United Gdn, Tmn Perindustrian UEP, Desa Mentari, Kota Damansara
Remarks: Avg cost per pack abt RM66.

Neighbourhood Aid: RM 2,600 (40 packs)
Contact Person: Lai Na
Location covered: Pantai Dalam, Bdr Puchong Jaya, Kg Lindungan, Kpg Baru Subang, PJS4, Cheras Perdana, PJS14, USJ19, Kepong, Tmn Sri Sentosa, Kpg Sg Kayu Ara, Brickfields, Jln Ipoh, Ara Damansara, USJ14, USJ 6, Tropicana, Sec 52 PJ
Remarks: Besides basic essential foods, also requests for infant milk powder, disposable diapers, bath soap, toothpaste. Some delivered Tesco Kotak Prihatin or AEON BersamaMu box. Some topped up with some cabbages, carrots, onions and can food.