Intentional Parenting
of Adult, Teenager and Young Children


  3:00pm–3:20pm    Opening Prayer
  Song Worship
  Introduction of Panel of Speakers
  3:20pm–4:10pm   Messages from the Panel
  4:10pm–4:30pm   Sharing in Break Out Groups
  4:30pm–5:00pm   Q & A
  5:00pm   Zoom Meeting Ends

Moderator: Brother Stephen Wong

Date : Saturday, 26 February 2022
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: At Your Home
Cost: FOC – Via Zoom

The objective is to touch on intentional parenting not only of young children but of teenagers and adult children which is not discussed often enough. Suitable for all parents, grandparents, teachers and lecturers dealing with children of all ages especially during the coming endemic in the New Normal 2022.

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Mr Richard Yeo

Mr Richard Yeo has been a lay counselor for ten years and is a member of NACC (National Association of Christian Counselors) focusing mainly on marriage, family and grief support.  He is also active in Christian men’s group activities.

Mr Arnold Lim

Mr Arnold Lim has been a member of PBC (previously FBC) since 1989. His service in church includes stints at the Benevolent Fund and at Jack & Jill Kindergarten. He is currently a member of the PBC Visitation Team. He retired six years ago after having worked mostly in the investment industry for close to 20 years. He continues to monitor markets in retirement and has picked up gardening

Mr Stephen Wong

Mr Stephen Wong has been a member of PBC since 1981 and has served in the worship, teaching, pre-marital counselling ministry and as deacon for HR and Admin dept.

Having retired from professional employment since 2020 he is currently a student of counselling at a local university and assists Pastor Cheng Cheung in the Counselling Ministry

Dr. Yeo Pei Li

Dr. Yeo Pei Li is a licensed counsellor with the Malaysia’s Board of Counsellor since 2003. She specializes in couple and family counseling, trauma work, and career guidance and counseling. She has also been involving in various tertiary educational institutions since 2004 in the capacity of a student counsellor, senior lecturer and trainer.

 During the pandemic lockdown, she has been volunteering in the Talian Kasih hotline and has received many distress calls due to family conflict. She and her team has also initiated Emmanuel Online Chat and The Empowerment Group, to educate the public and to support those who are in distress emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  She was also one of the volunteer for MH370 crisis, and has participated in various medical mission trips to places affected by flood both nationally and internationally.

 Her doctorate is in counsellor education and supervision from Regent University. She is the Dean of Counselling Studies at Alpha Omega International College (AOIC), and she is an adjunct lecturer at Monash University Malaysia. She is also  a member of Soroptimist International Club of Bangsar, an organization that brings up the status of women.

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