Covid Food Aid
Contact Person: Farah

Collaborate with churches to support local food sellers by buying cooked food and distribute to designated communities under lockdown; and to families in need.”

Food Aid: Nil (910 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Zomi Education Center at Kampong Attap, needy communities outside KL city, Malaysian Blind Association, Victory Home for the elderly Puchong, poor and needy in City Tower, area around Tong Shin, Blue Boy Mansion, Brickfields, Pudu, old central market, Anjung Kelana, old Bangkok bank area, Myanmarese in Pangsapuri Putra Raya Seri Kembangan.
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 7/10 to Wednesday 13/10). With Klang Valley transitioned into Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan and inter state travel ban uplifted, most communities that were affected by the pandemic are less dependent on supply of cooked meals as many have returned to work. Thus Food Aid Task Force will end today. Other initiatives like e-Learning and neighborhood aids will continue to help the poor and needy. Praise the Lord, that from the launch date of the initiative to today 13/10, a total of 14,237 cooked meal packs has been distributed to the needy in various locations in Klang Valley. Truly grateful to God for the opportunity to serve. Contributions to the Covid Aid Fund are still coming in. Bless the compassionate and generous hearts of the congregation. Sharing here words of encouragement of an Elder on behalf of the Elders to the Task Force members: “…. We do this covid initiative in obedience to our Lord’s command to let our light so shine that men may give glory to God our Heavenly Father who blesses PBC with abundance.” Indeed and Amen !

Food Aid: Nil (743 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Needy community outside KL city, Malaysian Blind Association Brickfields, En Yuan Home SS1 PJ, Victory Home for the elderly Puchong, Myanmarese Refugee Calvary Mission Center Kota Damansara, Myanmarese in Hartamas Christian camp, St Mary School PPV center KL for the frontline workers.
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 30/9 to Wednesday 6/10). The deliveries made this week were mainly the sponsored meals of Baguslah cafe. Next week all meal deliveries will be from the cafe. Grateful for the opportunity and the good timing for Food Aid team to serve as a channel of distribution of the sponsored meals. Thanks all the anonymous donors who contributed to the cafe. Our Food Aid Task Force budget of RM40K has been fully utilized. Thank God for His provision to the poor and needy.

Food Aid: RM 855 (686 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Myanmarese Refugee Calvary Mission Center, Kepong Hospice, Myanmarese in Hartamas Christian camp, a children school/Home at Mentari Court Sunway, frontline workers at PPUM (University Hospital), Migrant workers Rawang.
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 22/9 to Wednesday 29/9) This week the number of packs delivered was lower than previous weeks as Baguslah cafe was closed for a few days. PBC Food Aid deliveries for the coming weeks will mainly be from the sponsored meals of the cafe too. The budget of RM40K allocated to Food Aid has almost been fully utilised .

Food Aid: RM 239 (1,289 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Lisu Community Setapak, Anjung Kelana, Pusat Transit Jalan Hang Likir, areas near old central market and old Bangkok bank, Jalan Sayur Pudu, Grace Community Center, Jalan Thambipillay Brickfields, Kepong Hospice, El Saddai Learning Center Klang.
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 16/9 to Wednesday 22/9) Though more and more business sectors are opening up, the economy will take some time to recover. Some of the lower income communities have just re-started work after a long lockdown. Many are still unable to make ends meet. The cooked Food Aid task force will continue with the deliveries to the needy communities and to assess the ground situation in coming week. The deliveries will mainly be the sponsored meals of Baguslah cafe. Thank God, many had generously contributed to the cafe’s corporate social responsibility campaign, and in turn, the cafe is giving us additional packs to deliver to the needy people.

Food Aid: RM 2,985 (1,050 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Rumah Victory for Children and Youth home OUG, Orang Asli Bukit Lanjan Damansara Perdana, YMCA Brickfields Distribution Center, Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Victory Elderly home Puchong, El Saddai Learning Center Klang, Myanmarese migrant workers Jalan Sg Besi/San Peng flats vicinity. 
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 9/9 to Wednesday 15/9) Klang Valley has transitioned to Phase 2 of the Recovery Plan on 10/9. Hope that with the relaxation of the SOPs and recent MoU signed between the Government and the opposition leaders will bring political stability and smoother economic recovery for the benefit of the rakyat especially the small businesses and the underprivileged communities. 

Food Aid: RM 1,155 (1,777 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Migrant Care Subang Jaya, Migrant Care Old Klang Road, Rumah Charis, Coalfields Sg Buloh, Subang Perdana, Kepong Hospice, Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah, SS13 and SS19 flats Subang Jaya, Pandan Jaya KL, YMCA Brickfields Distribution Center, Seapark PJ, Central Market and KL City surrounding areas for the poor and homeless. 
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 2/9 to Wednesday 8/9). Klang Valley is still in Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan. Majority of non essential businesses remain closed. Though daily covid cases dipped slightly to around 18,000 last few days, the adverse rippling effects seemed unending. A total of 40,680 cases of loss of employment have been recorded in the country as of August this year. In June, it was reported more than 600,000 households from the middle income group (M40) had slipped into the B40 category. Even some private NGOs are running low on funds. Praise God. PBC Food Aid task force is still able to provide cooked meal boxes to the affected communities daily during this difficult time. 

Food Aid: RM 2,413.00 (1,511 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: PPR Lembah Subang, PPR Aman Puchong, Coalfields Sg Buloh, Blok D Jalan Putra Permai Taman Equine, Malaysian For The Blind Association Brickfields, YB Rajiv PJ Old Town, Orang Asli resettlement in Bukit Lanjan Damansara Perdana, communities in B40 category Bukit Bintang, YMCA Brickfields Distribution Center, Seapark PJ, El Saddai Learning Center Klang, Subang Perdana, Kepong Hospice. 
Remarks: (Week from Thursday 26/8 to Wednesday 1/9) The Lord is gracious and full of compassion. He has filled the hungry with good things, Mary sings in Luke 1:53. He executes justice for the oppressed and gives food to the hungry, the psalmist sings in Psalm 146:7. More and more people are hungry these days and it is not just the homeless. The ripple effects of the prolonged Covid lockdown can pose great challenges to many wage earners and businesses. Those needing help are no longer just the homeless rummaging for food on the streets. Now the needy can be “well-dressed” and not homeless. Glory to God for PBC through the PBC Covid Aid Initiative enables the church to feed the needy. While feeding their physical hunger, the Lord says we do not live on bread alone. May God opens their eyes to see that He is the only Bread of Life for their spiritual hunger. 

Food Aid: RM 4,660.90 (1,910 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil, Coalfields Sg Buloh, Pangsapuri Mawar Jaya Seri Kembangan, Malaysian For The Blind Association Brickfields, Wangsa Permai Refugees, Orang Asli resettlement Bukit Lanjan Damansara Perdana, B40 category of communities Bukit Bintang areas, YMCA Brickfields Distribution Center, Lisu Community Setapak through contact of Malaysian CARE, Seapark PJ for identified people in need, Sri Tanjung Apartment USJ 16 Subang, Seed of Hope Home PJ and Subang Perdana.
Remarks: Week from Thursday 19/8 to Wednesday 25/8. “Little Children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth” says the Lord in 1 John 3:18. Word and deed are equally necessary, interdependent and inseparable ministries, each carried out with the simple purpose of the spread of the Kingdom of God- Timothy Keller. Our goal now is to deliver cooked meals to as many people as we can to the communities in need. We thank the congregation and all others for their continuous support to this PBC Covid Aid Initiative. Grateful for the task force members working in love and unity in the body of Christ. May this Initiative bring greater glory to God, and to Him alone. 

Food Aid: RM 7,376 (1,228 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Migrant CARE Taman Sri Rampai, PJ Seapark, Metro Prima 1 Kepong, Migrant CARE Hospital KL, Bukit Bintang area for the homeless, YMCA Brickfields KL Distribution Center, El Saddai Refugees Learning Center in Klang, PERTIWI to outside urban areas, Malaysian For The Blind Association Brickfields KL, Wawasan Flats in Puchong, Angsana flats for families under covid home quarantine.
Remarks: Week from Thursday 12/8 to Wednesday 18/8. PBC Food Aid Initiative reminds us of our Lord Jesus’ feeding of the 5000, His love and compassion for all His people. May our church continue to be used by God as His instrument to do good deeds which can have significant impact to many lives and as witness to God’s glory! Grateful to the resources our Lord has put within the congregation and thankful for their generous contributions. Thank you team members avail themselves to serve in the task force. 

Food Aid: RM 6,935.00 (1,577 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: YMCA Brickfield, PPR Subang Court, PPR Puchong, Migrant Care Jalan Ipoh KL, Malaysian Mizo Fellowship Pudu KL, Dewan Kinrara, OKU and Orphanage PJ Old Town, B40 community Sunway Mentari, Migrant Care Taman United Old Klang Road, Handicapped Welfare Home KL, Sri Tanjung Flats USJ, Old Folks Homes KL and Serdang, Nilai outreach
Remarks: Report for Week from Thursday 5/8 to Wednesday 11/8. The pandemic is still raging on in the nation. The communities especially people in B40 category and most of the migrant workers are deprived of even their basic need, a warm meal to fill their empty stomachs! Thank God for the opportunity given to the task force to learn to build bridges into these communities, to understand better the social dimension of the Gospel. Praise God!

Food Aid: RM 3,993.00 (1,036 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: PPR Seri Alam KL, PPR Lembah Subang, PPR Kota Damansara, CAC Stadium Titiwangsa KL, Subang Court 3, migrant care Subang Jaya, an old folks home KL and outreach at Nilai
Remarks: Week from Thursday 29/7 to Wednesday 4/8. Praise God for the caring and generous contributions that Food Aid team could reach out to more needy communities. Thank you team members for wonderful team work.

Food Aid: RM 8,200 (450 packs)
Contact Person: Farah
Location covered: Kepong, Pinggiran Bukit Jalil, PJ Old Town , Desa Mentari, Subang, KL and Kota Damansara
Remarks: The amount incurred was for August and September deliveries at various dates and locations