Upcoming Classes

 God (6)
 11-Jan   How Do We Know God Exists? – Pr Mark Tan
 18-Jan   General and Special Revelation – Pr Mark Tan
 25-Jan   Incommunicable Attributes of God – Pr Mark Tan
 8-Feb   The Unity of God – Why the Trinity Matters
 – Dr Tony Foo
 15-Feb   God’s Omniscience, Truthfulness, and Wisdom
 – Dr Tony Foo
 22-Feb  God’s Holiness, Righteousness/Justice,
 Goodness/Love – Dr Tony Foo
 Doctrine of Church/Membership (5)
 1-Mar  The Concept of Church – Dr George Tee
 8-Mar   Baptist History (Intro and World) – Dr George Tee
 15-Mar  Baptist History (Asia and Malaysia) – Pr Mark Tan
 22-Mar   Baptist Distinctives – Pr Mark Tan
 29-Mar   Membership in Baptist Church – Pr Mark Tan

Tuesday, 8:00PM – 9:30PM via   
To register, go to https://pbc.my/seminars

For more information, please contact:
Pastor Mark Tan: 017-370 1553
Deacon Abraham: 012-203 5069

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